The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, may apply to your account

Effective - November 1, 2016. Subject to change at any time.

Account Assistance:
Account Activity Printout (greater than 3 months)$5.00
Account Research ($15 minimum)$15.00 per hour
Account Stipulations:
Dormant Account (no activity for 2 years)$10.00 per month
Escheat Account Processing$25.00
Excess Withdrawals* *Under Federal Regulations you may make no more than six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic, Internet or telephone transfers, checks, drafts and debit card or other similar transactions from your savings account or money market per statement cycle.$35.00 (per occurrence from any savings account or money market)

Premature Account Closing (within 180 days) $25.00 per account
ACH Non-Sufficient Funds:$35.00
ATM/Debit Cards:
ATM/Debit Card PIN Reorder$5.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement (customer requested)$10.00
Business Checking Accounts:
Account Below Minimum Balance$15.00
Sweep Transfer (from deposit account)$10.00
Canadian Checks Deposited:
U.S. Funds$25.00 per item
Foreign Funds$40.00 per item
Consumer Accounts:
Account Below Minimum Balance (applicable to NOW Checking and Ready Access Accounts)$5.00
Sweep Transfer (from deposit account)$5.00
International Service Assessment Fee2% of Dollar Volume
Levy/Garnishment/Subpoena Fee$250.00 per occurrence
Non-Customer Services:
Check Cashing (checks drawn on CSBank only)$5.00
Coin Counting Service5% of total value
Other Services:
Cashier's Checks ("For Benefit Of")$5.00
Foreign Checks Deposited$40.00 per item
Money Order Fee$2.00 each
Fax Service$1.00 per page
Photocopies of Checks and Money Orders $2.00 per image

Night Depository Replacement Key$25.00 each
Night Depository Replacement Bag$25.00 each
Overdraft Services:
Overdraft Privilege$35.00
Overdrafts (includes in-person, ATM, electronic and check withdrawals)$35.00
Continuous Overdraft Charge$5.00 (this fee is charged once every 7 business days if the account remains overdrawn)
Returned Items:
Returned Item Fee$35.00
Deposited Checks Returned Unpaid$15.00
Held Funds Returned Charge$35.00
Returned Mail$5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (available at the Oxford branch only): (Contact your local branch for annual rental fees)
Key Deposit$25.00
Replacement Key$25.00
Drilling of Box$150.00 minimum
Late Charge$5.00
Stop Payments$35.00
Wire Transfers:
Incoming – Domestic and International $15.00
Outgoing – Domestic and International $40.00